Below is a list of hard-working Democrats ready to add Clayton to the Texas Dem's Executive Committee:

County Chairs, Precinct Chairs, & SDEC:
  • Bill Rosenberg, Retiring SDEC 24 Committeeman. 
  • Dana Rushing, Retiring SDEC 24 Committeewoman
  • Ravelle Kundinger, Retired SDEC 24 Committeewoman
  • Michael Fladmark, SDEC 3 Committeeman
  • Gene Whittle, Coryell Co County Chair
  • Chris Rosenberg, Bell Co County Chair (retiring)
  • Lynda Nash, Bell Co County Chair (incoming)
  • Candy Huff, Llano Co County Chair
  • Lynn Oliver, Bandera Co County Chair
  • Barbara Veldhuizen, Kerr Co County Chair
  • Ryan Payne, Bell Co Precinct Chair
  • Ony Degraw, Lampasas Co Precinct Chair
  • Cyndy Burleson, Lampasas Co Precinct Chair
  • Terry Tucker, Lampasas Co Precinct Chair
  • Kathy Davis, Lampasas Co Precinct Chair
  • Bruce Frizzel, Lampasas Co Precinct Chair
  • Kie Hankins, Lampasas Co Precinct Chair
Elected Officials, organizations, activists, & other hard-working Texans:
  • Jim Hightower, former Texas Agricultural Commissioner
  • Hannah Horick, Leader of Texas Young Democrats
  • BJ Henry, Leader of Burnet County Democratic Club
  • Mina Davis, Leader of Rural Caucus of Texas Young Dems
  • Carl Jones, Founder of Texas Hill Country Democrats PAC
  • Kristin Wright, Director of Killeen Creators 
  • Solange Hommel, Bell County
  • Louie Minor, Candidate in Bell County
  • Bruce Haywood, Lampasas County
  • Jeremy Kohlwes, Former Candidate in Medina County
  • Mothers Against Greg Abbott


Want to add your name to the list? Click here to endorse Clayton Tucker for the TX Dem's Executive Committee!