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Clayton knows Working Texans

Because he is one. 


Rancher, Beekeeper, former Kindergarten Teacher & Water Researcher, Author, and Community Organizer with Jim Hightower, Clayton is working hard for Working Texans. Clayton Tucker is a 5th generation Texan. From the moment he could wear his own pair of boots, his grandfather put him to work at his family’s ranch in Lampasas. Clayton spent many years going back and forth between Lampasas and Georgetown, TX. It was in Georgetown that Clayton became an Eagle Scout.

Clayton Tucker went to Southwestern University to study International Politics with a minor in Mandarin, then to the National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan to study Mandarin. He is a member of Kappa Sigma. Clayton interned at the Texas State Capitol, worked for an environmental compliance firm in Shanghai, worked as a water researcher for the National Science Foundation, and started teaching Kindergarten in Taipei. 

What Clayton learned from this experience shook him to his core. The USA is falling behind. Healthcare in Taiwan cost him $30 a month (1.5% of his salary!) and that allowed him to see any doctor with no out-of-pocket costs. Rural towns had great infrastructure, and each farm had solar panels to make them fully self-sufficient. Many farms were still family-owned and operated, not dominated by Big Ag. Teachers were paid extremely well―one of Clayton’s coworkers was a new father and his wife was a stay at home mother, his salary as a kindergarten teacher was enough to provide for his entire family, no second or third job required. 

Clayton couldn’t stand to see his county falling behind, so he changed course again and returned home.

After returning to the USA, Clayton Tucker moved back to Lampasas to help the family ranch. Clayton also authored a science fiction book called Mandated Happiness―which he describes as 1984 with social media―and became engaged with campaigns. After working on several campaigns, Clayton started leading a political organization founded by former Texas Agricultural Commissioner Jim Hightower. With Commissioner Hightower, Clayton lobbied the Texas government to provide healthcare for all Texans.  

In 2020, Clayton ran for the Texas State Senate District 24 to fight for everyday working Texans. After his campaign, he worked to empower hard-working Texans all across the state. He's a founding board member to the Killeen Creators, advisory committeeman to Ground Game Texas, advisory committeeman to Blue Horizon Texas, co-founder of the Texas Grassroots Alliance, Field Director of the Texas Young Democrats, chair of the Lampasas Democrats, was elected as a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, and is the founder of the Texas Progressive Caucus. Clayton also works with the Trade Justice Education Fund to fight for better international trade policies, including ag trade policies. 

Clayton continues to rebuild and expand operations at his family's ranch, the RX Ranch. He expanded the ranch to also run goats and donkeys with plans for further expansion. He works to institute regenerative practices on his family's ranch.