Clayton's number one goal is simple: we need to continue to build the party so that we can win. As Commissioner Jim Hightower says, "we're not here to protest the government, we're here to become the government."

Until we have real power in state government, we won't be able to achieve any of our policy priorities to help our fellow Texans. 

To achieve this goal, Clayton wants to see the following actions taken:

  1. Greater transparency, especially financial. The point of transparency is to boost and show accountability, which we need to retain donors. We need to know how our donations are spent and that we're using each dime to its maximum effect. Doing this will prove vital to retaining and expanding our donor base. 
  2. We need a multi-year plan leading up to no earlier than 2030. We need goals and targets to reach each year so that we can continually build power. This plan must include ways to boost our wins in urban areas, secure more wins in suburban areas, and cut our losses in rural areas. We cannot put all of our eggs into one basket by relying on any single geographical area to flip Texas. This will be a team effort and it will require team players on every corner of the field. 
  3. Up our technology game to empower more local organizers, county parties, allied organizations, and others. The GOP is beating us in tech and it shows. We would be wise to streamline and enhance our technology, such as our voter database, CRM systems for local parties, and more. 

Blue built Texas. While there is much that needs to be done, by taking these stated actions we will reclaim Texas as blue.  


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